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  • Puff man Bob

    I personally like Windows 10

    am I the only one?

    it doesn’t lag at all for me, is it just me?


    • rexydallas8D

      +://ReaperReaper   I’ve seen a video of someone unable to disable all of the settingws, and I have seen a video of it contacting multiple microsoft-related servers while all of the settings were off. Also, they still wouldn’t be that desperate to give something away for free (even putting it as a recommended update, and making the close button mean “yes” in the upgrade dialog) unless they had another way to profit. Tracking is the only other way they could profit.

    • aayush rawat

      rexydallas8D actually Microsoft made it clear why they are giving free updates.They said most of their profit comes from Bulk of keys taken by Laptop OEMs.So they dont get much profit from individuals buying.And they said most of them pirated it leading to bad image of the software.Therefore they made it free for limited time.And they sending data is that it actually just anonymous data telling which feature is used and which not.Also crash report data and general performance data.Actually they use your data for just improving windows 10 experience not selling it.Microsoft top execs. have said it before.

    • aayush rawat

      Puff man Bob no I m quite happy with windows 10.No problem till now!!

    • Ethan Campbell

      You aren’t alone. I only use Linux on my secondary machine.

  • Just Cyandie

    Windows 9 does exist, just had a failed marketing campaign XD

    • Brandon Hayes

      By that logic we should be looking at Windows 40, as they would have skipped over all of the 10s, 20s, and 30s for fear of consumers confusing them with Windows 1.x, 2.x, and 3.x respectively.

    • Dima Zheludko

      Here’s another suggestion for you. English word ‘nine’ sound exactly as german word ‘nein’, which means ‘no’. So, whenever you would say ‘Windows 9’, any german woul hear ‘Windows NO’. Maybe that was considered too.
      Btw, popularity of Win 1x-3x is in no way comparable to windows 9x, that might also had been considered.

    • Mason Fisher

      no windows 9 did not exist. as it went windows 7 8 8.1 then 10. whats this mean?
      windows 7 8 9

      seven ate nine

    • Just Cyandie

      Explaining Windows 9 is like proving the Iluminatti is real

  • 8BitSloth

    Windows 10: So good you will finally install Linux.

    • Master Xehanort

      Excuse me
      I have a clean 5 o’clock shadow and a slender build and I run everyday at 7 to 9 everyday
      So you are wrong

    • Ethan Campbell

      +Master Xehanort I haven’t played a single game since I was 10, PC or otherwise. I instead spend that time doing homework, and YouTube and Quora are enough entertainment for me. And Linux actually runs 80% of the cloud’s infrastructure. If you use a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox, then your data is being stored on Linux servers. For Microsoft Azure, they’re actually moving away from Windows in favor of it. And Linux is safer for software developers, with it being the easiest to set up an IDE in. Your router is probably Linux or Unix. And your Android phone? The Linux kernel with Google libs and tools.

    • DoomMan899

      Mmm, getting defensive over being generalized are we?
      If you can’t take being generalized yourself you shouldn’t be making generalizations.

    • 8BitSloth

      +Master Xehanort Well kiddo, I cannot help you don’t understand how an OS works enough to know that the strangle hold Microsoft has on gaming with it’s DirectX partnerships is one reason people want games to move to an open source platform. But if you’re happy living with an OS that spys on you, has NSA backdoors, and shows you more ads than a shady porn website, then you’re happy. The rest of us will be over here working with companies to get more software ported over so we can take Microsoft’s microshaft out of our asses.

    • Master Xehanort

      I really don’t care anyways
      Cuz what do they want with me anyways
      Give them some Overwatch tips or Smite tips
      And FYI
      They spy on you as well
      Your phone is probably hacked by the NSA and buddy
      I live in Singapore so
      The NSA can’t reach me there

  • The Stickmann

    “Edge finally supports extensions!”

    1 year later

    The Windows 10 Anniversary update now adds extensions to Edge

    • A reasonable politician

      We got there eventually.

    • Kristaps Berziņs


    • John McClane

      Edge offers everything but security I have been trying to find (for a year now) a legit review that compares security it’s odd that I cannot find one after all this time. But since I work in a pretty successful pc repair business we deal with not only most I.T. companies in our city but sometimes we work with law enforcement and it’s astounding aside from their dislike for Windows 10 but on how they all agree 100% how bad Edge is when it comes to security. Also it is probably the reason why google chrome since its inception has now finally surpassed Microsoft’s browsers as the #1browser.

  • Nacalal

    you could have just shown 5 minutes and 16 seconds of a dumpster and you probably would have conveyed it more accurately

    • Nacalal

      +Torēsu Cookie
      noice ad hominem my dude :^)
      not like I was specifying windows 10 or something :^)))))))))))

    • Torēsu Cookie

      +Nacalal “ad hominem” sure. And you’re making the comment on a windows 10 video :/ nice troll face btw.

    • Nacalal

      Torēsu Cookie do you enjoy using an insecure botnet for your operating system?

      Not to mention the updates Microsoft pushed on older windows versions to spread the same issues and many other somewhat shady practices is more than enough reason to be scrambling for an NT alternative and not doing so and accepting windows 10 as a logical progression in this environment is the single most detrimental thing you could do for the world of computing as a whole

    • Torēsu Cookie

      +Nacalal It’s a shady practice to give people the option to move to an OS they built from scratch because they don’t know if new software/hardware will support it with the old ones, sure Jan.
      You can always, idk, decline the update :/
      And I don’t know why you say it’s not progression, it uses less ram than previous versions, is completely optional on weather you want microsoft to look into your system, and is compatible with multiple OS systems. I have always preffered windows, I don’t hate linux or linux users (which seems to be a one-way street since most of them hate windows users like me) but I don’t like linux in general, not because it takes a while to get used to, it’s just…hard to describe. Linux isn’t for me, Windows isn’t for you, okay that’s cool, but stop bitching about a system you aren’t forced to use and you know little about.

    • TheDimeDragon

      Back to /g/

  • ɔuɹlʎ Fɹiǝs

    I like Windows 10 but I disabled all the features and most background processes so it’s basically Windows 7 now. I also installed Classic Shell

    • MWB Gaming

      how did you disable automatic updates???????

      tell us how you did it
      im sick of my computer restarting whenever it wants to (especially when im using it)

    • Alex Ciobanu

      MWB Gaming in Run type services.msc and look for either Automatic Updates or Windows Update and go to properties and disable it

    • noventay4

      Alex Ciobanu it doesn’t work, i did that 2 weeks later my computer was getting automatic updates again

    • MWB Gaming

      i also tried deleting the associated file and it just redownloaded when i connected to the internet

  • Snassy Your Skelefell

    Windows 10 explained in 1 word:

    • Snassy Your Skelefell


    • paBLo

      is windows 10 as bad as some people say? even to this day?

    • TheDimeDragon


    • Fill

      No it’s not. People always exaggerate about stuff like this. Especially linux neckbeards.

  • Muhammad Naufal Alauddin

    Windows 10 as fast as possible : TOO MUCH BSOD_not stable os at all

    • MegaHello

      Muhammad Naufal Alauddin Least im not only one

    • Keyser Söze

      probably something wrong with your pc. never ever had problems with either 8 or 10.

    • MegaHello

      Close laptop > open laptop next day > BSOD

    • Gatis Girdenis

      that sounds like a driver issue. definitely not the windows itself. I have had it running for weeks and weeks on a laptop, no problems. have had like 3 bsod’s since the release.

    • MegaHello

      Driveres are up to date

  • Ayano Aishi

    “Windows 10 PC’s do great things” no it should be “PC’s do great things without Windows 10”

  • Aksshay Sharma

    how did u get the old type of start menu coz my start menu is very different

    • KnowledgeDriven

      classicshell dot net

    • Wen Chieh Teh

      Aksshay Sharma download advanced system care 10 (free or pro) then go to toolbox, my win 10 and……yeah you can download your win 7 start menu in win 10

  • TaprootToob

    Tiny7,Tiny8, will there be a Tiny10?

  • Jake Reason

    hurd, the butt of all os jokes XD

    Richy, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry.

  • Dylan Sandve

    You know why there’s no Windows 9? Becuase 7 ate 9! Also at 4:02 he accidentally said DirectSex12.

  • nustada

    Windows 10 can be describe in two words. Spyware, malware.

    • Spock

      That’s why I switched to GNU/Linux LOL

    • aayush rawat

      nustada How is it spyware and malware?

    • aayush rawat

      nustada You should also give proof.

    • nustada

      You should also learn to do research.

      The only way you can stop windows 10 from spying is if you use windows 10 Enterprise which most people can’t get without pirating (which is just trading one malware for another) or use an overbearing IP-level white-list style firewall.

      Turn off all your programs and log repeating netstat -b or better wire shark and see the traffic.

    • Markyroson

      nustada yup. Anti piracy software on it is apparently horrid (not condoning piracy, hear me out). Friend had a legit copy (as in he bought it outright legitamately) of an older Photoshop (idk which one) blacklisted and removed by Win10 after he attempted to install it. It was in early days of win10 mind you but still.

      Also fact that it (at least used to) use your bandwidth to help others download stuff without your consent and was a pain to disable.

  • Raging Ragina

    Everything above windows 98 is trash

  • robizzlor

    One word: garbage.