Sikhs: Religious minority target of hate crimes

New Delhi (CNN)The victim of a possible hate criminal offense in Washington state Friday would not be the very first Sikh to be targeted.

Since 9/11, Sikh-American groups state members of their religious beliefs have actually dealt with discrimination and abuse since their long beards and turbans make them more noticeable than other minority groups.
According to the FBI, anti-Muslim hate criminal offenses in the United States rose 67% in 2015, to levels not seen considering that 2001.

Highly noticeable

In a declaration, the Sikh Coalition, America’s biggest Sikh civil liberties group, stated that Sikhs are frequently targeted for hate criminal offenses in part “due to the Sikh posts of faith, consisting of a turban and beard, which represent the Sikh spiritual dedication to equality, tolerance and justice.”
In 1699, Guru Gobind Singh commanded all Sikhs to use the “Five Ks” in order to recognize themselves as a member of the Khalsa Panth, an army of the devout.



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Climate of worry

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center , which tracks hate criminal activity, there has actually been an uptick of occurrences targeting Muslims and other spiritual minority groups because the election of President Donald Trump.
While the White House condemned the current shooting of 2 Indian males as “an act of racially inspired hatred,” some analysts have actually blamed Trump for refraining from doing enough.
During his very first address to Congress recently, Trump stated the violence was a suggestion that “while we might be a country divided on policies, we are a nation that stands joined in condemning hate and evil in all its extremely unsightly kinds.”
But it’s inadequate for some.
” A couple of words of condemnation can not remove months of President Trump’s own dissentious rhetoric and his administration’s policies targeting and stigmatizing the really neighborhoods most susceptible to dislike violence,” civil liberties legal representative Deepa Iyer composed recently for CNN Opinion .
Sikh-American leaders have actually contacted the President to deal with the attack in Washington, while others have actually cautioned that his words might result in violence.
” What (Trump) states goes brief of being specified as hate, however in the hearts and minds of the ordinary individual is equated as hate,” Mejindarpal Kaur, worldwide legal director of international advocacy company United Sikhs, informed CNN.
” They’ve targeted their hate towards anybody who looks Middle Eastern.”