PC vs Console as Fast As Possible

Exists a last solution to finish the wonderful PC vs console dispute at last?

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  • YourGirlfriends Gigolo

    Consoles are for Children, and PC’s are for Adults. This isn’t Inception.

    • Fun studio production

      YourGirlfriends Gigolo nah to be honest most of the kids play on pc

    • YourGirlfriends Gigolo

      Fun studio production Right lol 😆like parents are going to spoil their kids by buying them 1000 dollar gaming PCs

    • ChocolateMoose

      YourGirlfriends Gigolo well my old computer was about 6 years old and my parents said that if I got A’s in school they would get me a new and good one so I did so now I have a ASUS GL502 with a GTX 1060

    • dalvew


  • PornHub

    you cant compare pc to consoles

    pc is on a whole different level

    i can watch porn and game at the same time!

    • fred Julio

      probably a stupid question but a ps4 on a monitor with only 1ms still benefits from that right?

    • Clorox Bleach

      PornHub what I do all day


      fred Julio yes playing on a 1ms monitor does give u advantage on ps4 but nothing more than 60hz is nessasry for ps4

    • fred Julio

      OSCARR BARRON I noticed it does became so much better on bf1 with the new monitor but I got a 1440p 144hz since I do have a gaming PC I built last year. ps4 works fine on it. ps4 can’t benefit from it all but that 1ms oh man should of done this years ago

  • ninja of fire

    but can I get a pc as powerful as a ps4pro for 400$ or less.

    • ElFo

      ninja of fire Yeah if you buy a custom built

    • Shadow-Knight

      Buying prebuilts (Specially Alienware) is a waste of money.

      Custom are stronger and cheaper.

    • Optimist

      ninja of fire You need to pay more for the games and the online mode…

  • Xenerlicious

    I feel that a good reason consoles are so popular is the fact that any modern console you buy, will be able to run any game. If you buy a $400 dollar prebuilt PC, it likely won’t run games well. However, if you bought a $400 Xbox One, it’ll run games fine. There’s my crappy opinion

    • d e a d I m e m e

      Smoos54 “while console kids get the new stuff”
      lol current gen consoles hardware wise were years outdated when they came out

    • Mark Donald

      wrong. a Pc of the same price will smash a console to pieces!

    • d e a d I m e m e

      DragonFyZex if you’re gonna put in a used older xeon you should also put in an older used gpu.

  • Vitaliy Prots

    when you have a friend or gf round you can just chill and watch movies or plays games together, what can you do on pc share the fucking keyboard

    • josh webber

      Wow you get so many better exclusive? Really? There is around 54-57 games exclusive to the ps4 and i could only name about 3 i actually want to play whereas pc… Well i cant even name how many exclusives there are on pc because theres such a vast majority dont get mad and start spurring invalid points because u had to sell your body just to afford to buy a console pc is better accept the fact and carry on being tortured with games locked at 30fps 720p-920p while ill go enjoy 1080p 60fps 🙂 oh and also enjoy the 40 pound a year subscription fee just to play games you already bought on a console u already paid for suck it dude consoles are a rip off yes there are cheap but thats because peasants buy them and i game on a £700 pound laptop that puts any console to shame. Suck it

    • Triple 6-Confirmed

      +josh webber you couldve atleast build a pc or get a prebuilt one 😛

    • Mexican Armada Commander Ozf#ck Enchiladas

      Vitaliy Prots I have 2 controllers and hooked up my pc to my tv and my gf loves it and hates consoles and how they steal your money

  • Viral

    I can’t really say how hard I facepalm when somebody says Nintendo is for kids because the lack of gore, and then they play League of Legends.

    P.S.: I love both.

    • Viral

      +Sinke Who is here the dumb person, the one who gives reasons to your arguments, or the one who limits himself to insult others because they don’t share his thoughts?

      I’ll just tell you a last thing: Consoles are fine. Not everybody has the knowledge to game on a PC (I do, and that’s why I own a gaming rig) and even then, many people value the simplicity of inserting a disc/cartridge on a device, turning TV on and play straight away. Your taste does not make everyone else’s stupid.

      That being said, since you don’t seem to listen to reasons and all you will do is insult me again, sorry but I won’t bother answering you anymore. Have a nice day.

    • utubeaccount


      “your excuse about “Nintendo not being for pros” is completely absurd, as neither of the rival consoles are.”

      This is objectively wrong. Xbox has always been the console geared for competitive play.

      ” since it’s the only platform where people can compete without the hindrance of a gamepad”

      Oh you’re just one of those autistic pcmr shitlords, nevermind

    • Blue Behemoth

      utubeaccount ahem* you can play every console game on PC. Runs at 60fps, does have better graphics even though game like cs, lol aren’t so graphically demanding there are some that are hugely graphically demanding that even consoles don’t run well.

      But, I do own a ps4 the better of the two next gen, an Xbox 360, the better of the last gen.
      AND I used to own a ps2. THE BEST CONSOLE OF ALL TIME.

      I also own some Nintendo consoles, because Pokemon and Kirby are so much fun

    • Blue Behemoth

      RALPHY88 yes, I agree, fight together against. MOBILE GAMING!!!!

    • utubeaccount

      +Blue Behemoth

      >* you can play every console game on PC

      No you can’t.

      >But, I do own a ps4 the better of the two next gen


  • Brutal-108

    A mouse is more accurate and pc has full support for controllers, but you’ll never fail if you have both

    • adfggffffffddffd

      Some people just don’t like using mouse and keyboard to game. Which is fine you don’t have to on pc but the fact that a mouse is much more accurate and faster than a controller means that if you wanted to play a pc online competitive game you’d HAVE TO use a mouse and keyboard in order to keep up with most other people (unless you are god tier with a controller) which you would still get your butt whooped against someone who is god tier with a mouse and keyboard.

    • Mark Donald

      but if you only want pokemon and Mario then it doesn’t matter.

    • Sinke

      Mark Donald well then we have any controller that you have ver wanted to use

    • Triple 6-Confirmed

      +Pure_Cancer_here an unskilled person with a 100$ mouse is nothing against someone with a decent 10$ mouse. If dual shock and elite controllers doesnt make that much of a difference what makes you think a better mouse will turn you into a god?

  • TheNoory

    Why did the console peasant cross the road?
    To render the other side

    • Josh Farrell

      Baltasaurus True, and I have nothing against pc. I never thought of that. I also am a PC gamer.

    • Roberto Ilo Horst da Silva

      Baltasaurus Depend on which PC you are talking about.

    • Sinke

      Roberto Ilo Horst da Silva dude there is no specifik pc the are the ones in the store, and there are uniqe ones.

  • Lollapool Awesome

    why pc gaming is better than console gaming:

    No 9yo squeakers

    • franogaming10

      Officially Glitchy bruh u actually have autism mate. Just type Gta trolling on PC or watch some Overwatch comp. there’s heaps of them on. You probs just death mate

    • Officially Glitchy

      franogaming10 Jesus man I just said a heard no squeakers while playing PC literally I’m not even death but I just said I didn’t seen any while playing or heard

    • d e a d I m e m e

      have ewe played see ess goh ecks dee

    • LadrilloRojo

      Lollapool Awesome Well that depends on where u live and how lucky you are.
      I only found 9yo kids on RPGs like tera and they didnt even affect me.
      I play cs go and i only find chileans, yep chileans are worse, u are all lucky bastards.

  • Agent_Blackwing

    I wonder what Bullet Barry would say…

    • Tedy Aleksov

      Agent Blackwing A lot

    • TheTrueStep

      I knew someone was gonna say this!

    • neurotic fear

      my boy over here

    • Sinke

      Agent_Blackwing that this is stoopid

  • Bezimeni Dzo

    when you don’t have money for a pc then you release you don’t even have money for ps4

    • alireza Mousavi

      Well,you should learn English first

      Lol??? Do you mean laughing out loud??

    • jhfridhem

      the ps4 is now old,

    • James Grose

      CPU – Athlon X4 or Core i3 ($80-$100)
      GPU – AMD R9 270 or NVidia GeForce 750Ti ($100-$120)
      Motherboard – Same socket as CPU ($50-$80)
      RAM – 4GB or 8GB highest-end DDR3 ($20-$60)
      Storage – 1TB HDD or 128GB SSD ($40-$60)
      Case – Whatever you want ($10-$80)
      PSU – 420W or more ($20-$40)
      Total ($340-$510)

      (source: PC Master Race subreddit [ https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/wiki/guide ])

      You can get a great PC on a budget.

      EDIT: It’s more likely that you’ve already got yourself a PC in your house, so you can pretty much skip most of this and just upgrade your GPU since that’s the core component for playing video games, provided you don’t have a sluggish 2GB of RAM or something.

    • Logic Jidd

      get a 2ds its only 80 $

    • alireza Mousavi

      reactiegever i see you shuted your fucking mouth, thats nice

  • Faiz Ubaidillah

    I have a console and pc,and i connect both of them to tv so when im downloading something on pc i can play with my console

    • AssassinNMPS

      Faiz Ubaidillah who?

    • Cairo Murphy

      I have a ps4 in our living room for chill and my full computer setup in my room for hardcore gaming hehe

  • NerdGamer 274

    Someone who understands that PC isn’t the “#MasterRace”😒😒😒
    If you like PC, you like PC
    If you like console, you like console
    Deal with it😒😒😒

    • NerdGamer 274

      +X Kai nice ok 🙂

    • derpsalad

      your use of emojis makes me want to crawl up and die.

    • NerdGamer 274

      +derpsalad 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

    • X Kai

      +derpsalad I love when people use them it makes them feel more… authentic especially when the emojis aren’t annoying or overdone.

    • NerdGamer 274

      +X Kai I don’t abuse the emojis 🙂

  • Michal Wubs

    Triggered pc peasants incoming

    • Michal Wubs

      Feufollet 62 how r u not treigred

    • Michal Wubs

      Mexican Armada Commander Ozf#ck Enchiladas u r tringered

    • derpsalad

      Michal Wubs nice bait, kid. now, isn’t it your bed time?

    • Michal Wubs

      derpsalad It’s fucking morning you prick. Ever heard of continents or are you that dumb?

  • Morvonte Mouton

    If PC are Gods and Console are peasants then those are some pretty inferior Gods. In order to have a God standard you have to be a lot better than something. Not just a little.

    • Feufollet 62

      Morvonte Mouton the point is that pc is way,waaaaay better than consoles.

    • Miguel lopez

      i dont see consoles driving military defense programs so yhe PC are gods.

    • H Koizumi

      It is a common misconception to those who are not into open platform like PC. Within PC, there are different tiers for grading performance. There are low end, mid tier, high end, and enthusiasts. Each levels have different kinds of capability but all does the similar things. And this is where most people gets confusing. An enthusiast grade is not better than low end when it comes to ability but capability is different. Instead, those levels of tiers exist to accommodate the needs for the people who needs it.

      As long as you have a PC, you are golden. Even at low end tier, you are liberated from closed ecosystem. What makes PC the best platform is the loyalty free, choices, and freedom that comes from it.

  • The Waffle Guy


    • Feufollet 62

      I’m not afraid to. There are many stupid people in this world.

    • The Waffle Guy

      Feufollet 62 Or maybe your just a PC elitist and you dont want anything bad said about it. Because I doubt that many are dumb like your implying. Plus nobody has proved these points wrong.

    • Feufollet 62

      Ok so let’s go then.
      Exclusives : we have emulators. So all “old” console exclusives and our own.
      For the play on you couch thing: “No one actually does that !” And guess what ? People do that. You can do that. I can do that. Everyone can plug a pc on a tv, or use a streaming device, like the steam boxes things.
      The “oh yeah it’s complex blablabla” it’s bullshit. Most people don’t know what is in their console either.
      For the “But it’s more expensive”
      For the “there’s cheaters” Yes, there are. But on console too.
      For the “life is not a spreadsheet” well, yes. But the thing is pc does everything better. Hell, you can even play dance games on wii emulators.
      And for the worst part, “it’s just entertainment” Oh god, I hate this so much. Video games are art. Just like Movies, just like painting, it’s art.

    • The Waffle Guy

      Feufollet 62 Reddit is your source? Makes it tougher to believe

    • Feufollet 62

      Reddit is perfectly fine. They even say where to find the different components.

  • Miner

    i feel like consoles run games smoothly and PC is best for editing

    • Miguel lopez

      30fps is not smooth when you play 60fp on a PC.

    • Mark Donald

      +Miguel lopez 30 is smoothe though. 60 is just smoother. I love controllers smoothness when moving the camera slowly.

    • Miguel lopez

      no its not smooth, after you play 60fps for a long time 30 fps feels like one big lag spike even when playing beautiful games i would turn down the graphics so i dont get annoyed by how 30fps looks, i got so use to 60fps i can tell withing the first second that a video is ruining in 60fps its like going from 480p to 1080p in quality.