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PHOTO: Mariah Carey Honored to Meet Colin Kaepernick, Fans React

Mariah Carey was at Hot 97 radio station in New York on Friday when she bumped into unsigned free agent, Colin Kaepernick. Carey and Kaepernick posed together for a photo that Carey posted to her Instagram account a few minutes ago.

“Such an honor to meet @kaepernick7 today,” Carey captioned the photo, which you can see below.

Instagram Photo

Most Carey Fans Were Happy to See the Photo & Commented With Positive Words

Fans were quick to post their feelings on the meeting, most completely in support of Carey’s apparent fondness for the sometimes controversial football star.

“Amazing! Feeling a music video collaborative moment could be on the horizon,” wrote one Instagram user.

“Two of my fave people in the world. Man, I’m in heaven right now,” added another.

“That’s a moment,” echoed a third.

Not All Fans Were Happy to See Carey & Kaepernick Together

Some fans didn’t find Carey’s meeting impressive and chose to slam Kaepernick in the comments.

“He is the poster boy of a lie. Police are more likely to shoot unarmed white men. #facts,” wrote one Instagram user.

“You met a piece of sh*t,” added another.

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