HDMI, Display Port, VGA, and DVI as Fast As Possible

Show ports like HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, and also DVI can be puzzling for even seasoned techies! Exactly what are the distinctions? Which one should I use?


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  • Niels __

    I’m planning on bouying a 1080p 144 hz monitor. Does it matter wich cable I use?

    • Tx6 Tonoko

      Well i need to use dvi to get 144hz on my monitor

    • The Duppe

      Niels __ Yes, only DisplayPort can do 144hz.

    • Playful 66665

      Niels __ Get displayport.

    • Cam Roy

      HDMI 1.4/CAT 2 High Speed cables can do the job also.  Yes it can…

    • Istarian

      Ya HDMI can also accomplish 1080p at 144Hz

  • Erik Fani

    I thought HDMI was the best thanks for clearing this up

    • Brian Su

      Rat Face the K always refers to horizontal resolution rather than vertical 🙂 go search for 2K resolution and you’ll find it’s 2048. 2560×1440 is already 2.5K as it’s too high to be 2K

    • Chuckiele

      +Brian Su No, its not “always”, can you read?

    • eXAKR

      There’s really no “best”; it really depends on your use case.

      For home entertainment devices (TVs, DVD players, consoles, TV boxes etc.) my opinion is HDMI is superior. But for PCs DisplayPort is definitely preferable where available, unless you use your PC mainly as an entertainment device (except gaming), in which case HDMI should be good enough.

      VGA or DVI is definitely inferior in many ways and in my opinion should be avoided where possible, except in basic or legacy applications (servers, old projectors, etc.).

    • Rage 9one

      DVI FTW!

    • Umair Baig

      lol… using a DP cable, i thought i’m a step behind the HDMI :p

  • Nsn Man

    What should I use for 144hz 1 ms moniter?

    • Nick Pol

      Nsn Man display port

    • an Intel Core i7 Quad-core Processor

      anything except VGA

    • Cookie Monster


    • TheMine2002

      DVI or Display Port, if you can Display Port. Im using a DVI Dual Link cable on a 1080p 144Hz 1ms monitor and works perfectly, but the people say that G-Sync is better, I haven’t test it out anyway, but I think it should be better.

  • mrPlus

    Displayport > All the others

    • sowmy5174

      Hey man, can i ask a question about displayports judging by your enthusiasm? 😛 I am thinking about getting a monitor for black Friday. I am gonna buy an HDMI input one with built in speakers. However, I have a mini display port and I was wondering if audio will output to the monitor’s speakers (using a mini displayport to HDMI adapter). I know there’s google, but nothing beats a conversation. thanks in advance bro.

    • mrPlus

      I don’t know really if the adapter will output the sound, but HDMI and mini display port can output the sound by connecting directly.
      Sorry my english.

    • sowmy5174

      oh ok. thank you. And don’t worry, your English is great 🙂

    • Kelly Medley

      Unfortunately my R9 290X only has 1 DP 1 HDMI and 2 DVI, total fail. Even my onboard card has 2 HDMI and 1 DP.

  • Jarrod Smith

    How can you distinguish HDMI 1.4 from 2.0?

    • ZakiProd

      that is the question…

    • lcrazy8l

      afaik the cables haven’t changed between revisions of hdmi, just need to confirm the device & display at both ends support HDMI2.0 as a standard.

    • 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

      2.0 became the standard version in 2013 I believe. So if it says something like “latest standard”, then yeah it’s most likely 2.0.

  • An Kimthai

    so tldr which one should i pick I’m just going my pc for gaming and normal Web browser

    • DieDunkleSeite DesWaschlappens

      Unless you have a 4k display (which I doubt) you can go with anything. Just remember that VGA doesn’t transmit Audio (if you have speakers in your Display) and if you have and want to use a 21:9 aspect ratio go with HDMI 2.0 or Displayport.

    • 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

      Cheapest HDMI cable or DVI or DisplayPort. They are all digital signals so you don’t really have to spend too much. VGA is analog so don’t buy that one unless your monitor only supports VGA. Also if you want your monitor to play sounds, get either DisplayPort or HDMI. DVI doesn’t transfer sounds as he mentioned in the video. If you use a headset, DVI is ok.

    • An Kimthai

      thank guy I think I got with dvi then

  • Kevin Dragontail

    alot of TVs don’t have display ports while almost all have hdmi

    • Eric Mckeown

      +The Trust wha?

    • Jas Sidhu

      The hdmi is still bottle-necking the signal

    • Rsngamer

      I wish DP was more widespread, it’s better than HDMI(except 2.1 for now), and because you don’t have to pay royalties, you can make things slightly cheaper

    • Zylixel

      Your tv doesn’t need 4K 60fps though, so an HDMI cable would work just fine

  • Vällygs

    Does DisplayPort 1.3 support 1920x1080p @ 144hz?

    • Joonghyun Lee

      4K @ 60hz is equivalent to Full HD @ 240hz

    • MrWitherSkull

      Yes every DisplayPort cable supports 1080p 144hz. Even 1440p 240hz

    • Vällygs

      OP JL Thanks

    • Vällygs

      MrWitherSkull Thank You

    • KennyMcCHILE

      Vällygs I know this comment is old but even DVI supports 1920x1080p 144hz

  • 4OTKO

    mothefuckers inventing more and more connectors

    • iBoolGuy

      lmao, exactly my reaction to the monitor market

  • Kowezi

    is 2048×1536 better than 1920×1080?

    • Magstonedew

      Kowezi yeah

    • Kowezi

      Ok thanks. I don’t have a VGA port on my GPU so i need to buy an adapter. What adapter should i buy? like Displayport to VGA or what?

  • eXAKR


    > “game console”
    > picture of potato flashes

    • Didierglz

      eXAKR well the ps4 pro is like a potato with wires and a hdmi coming out of it

  • av1ation

    Anyone noticed the potato at 0:03 ?

  • stayve

    whats the best for 1440p @ >=75hz? still display port?

  • Poockiy

    Well I guess it’s time to get rid of that old Radeon 6870 of mine.

  • elMotorolaem30

    i can do DVI-D to VGA? all the new graphics cards only have DVI-D :c

  • Talking Kitty Cat

    How did I get here? All I wanted was to hook up a flatscreen to my VGA output ancient PC….

  • Meekrs

    So, if I change my display settings to 1280×720 with a VGA cable, it will look completely fine and not blurry?

  • SlangeGamingDK047

    okay, im in school so i cant see the video, but which is better, hdmi or dvi

  • MrGillyStar

    Beer never gets old in technology terms.