Cool Tech Under $100 – September

► dbrand skins:
Looking into the Coolest Technology Deals that are under $100 for the month ! ► Links Below ◄.

► Amazing Tech Deals Playlist:.

Pals of Shade Wireless LED Strips:.
Buddies of Tone Bridge( Click Faucet Change):.
Anker 13-Port USB 3.0 Hub:.
3M Mounting Square Tape:.
ZeroLemon SolarJuice 20,000 mAh:.
SanDisk iXpand 64GB Flash Drive:.
Dockem iProp Tablet computer Stand/Holder:.
Nyko PS4 Cost Terminal:.
Nyko PS4 Data Financial institution:.
Nyko PS4 Kind Pad:.
Nyko Xbox One Cost Terminal:.
Nyko Xbox One Information Financial institution:.
Nyko Xbox One Type Pad:.
Guardzilla Security System:.
Twelve noon Virtual Reality Digital Reality Headset:.
Expower Shockproof Wireless Audio speaker:.
Anker Premium Wireless Audio speaker:.
BOHM FRIEND Wireless Speaker:.
GOgroove BassPULSE LED Audio speakers:.
Mionix Castro Video gaming Computer mouse:.
HyperX Cloud II Pc gaming Headset:.
3DSimo 3D Pen:.

♦ Full Equipment List:.
♦ Legendary Office/Desk Tours:.
♦ Spending plan Filming/Youtube Equipment:.

  • TechSource

    Im aware the thumbnail is incorrect. Ill fix this ASAP 🙂

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      Noah Thunderbull is a great way to get the hang of it

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  • TechSource

    Everything on my desk is listed on my gear list, like headphone hanger, mouse pad, keyboard, etc… since a lot of you have been asking.


      Anybody wants to do it for me?

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    in your Video theres no nyko Logo on the charge Station.. but on amazon pics there is. consufed ._.

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      +vxxlxD3MONxlxxv sorry dear sir i didnt study nykos design language

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      it only lights up when its charging

    • rc today

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    Does anyone know what the ‘Exit’ on the PS4 Controller is for?

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      +Maximilian Büttner it’s for the charging station

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      +LavaHD Oh ok thank you 😀

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      Maximilian Büttner it says EXT

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    you guys complain about 32 gbs of space, and me with my moto e with 3 gb of space

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      +thebossofall3 damn

    • Bobo24

      Nokia 3310 Can withstand anything but 0 gb space

    • Spinxy Gaming

      To true

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    Oh thanks I lose my PC so often. I will buy that.

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      I lose my baby quite often. This seems like a good buy

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    did anyone buy that thing to add more space on the ps4 ? I want to know if it actually works

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    Subscribed. Awesome gamers channel!!!

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    what if the noise wakes up your baby when the tile is attached to it

    didnt think about that did ya

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    WhY do you have 6 smartphones ?

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    Whats your pc background ?🙃

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