Computers And Phones as Fast As Possible

32-bit vs 64-bit Computers And Phones as Fast As Possible

64-bit PCs have been around for some time, yet even 64-bit PHONES are beginning to turn up! So just what’s the benefit versus a 32-bit device?? Computers And Phones as Fast As Possible

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  • Thomas Sencindiver

    You’re too fucking funny Linus, it’s insane, you fucking crack me up everytime 😀 Love the show dude, been a watcher for years now.

    • Notof Yourconcern

      wouldn’t an anal prolapse be OUT of your bum rather than IN? A solid, non-flex Alien Abduction PROBE is definitely an “in” type of device, assuming probe may be what you actually intended to describe?

    • ONUR oynuyor

      hadi lan ordan

    • F r y i n g P a n 6 9

      Thomas Sencindiver keep up the good work.


    If you guys remember (no you don’t) I was the guy bitching about the greenscreen and the simple grey background beeing much better….. well now it seems like you have the best greenscreen on youtube I’ve ever seen and thats awesome. still bits of green here and there (mainly motion) but it looks fantastic now. kudos, very cool

    • Techquickie

      Funb6 you bring that up. This was a terrible rushed key out and er know it. We had no time
      .. My shirt flickers for the whole video!!

      The previous one was excellent though. Our new capability.

    • LE0NSKA

      I did notice that with the shirt yes, but I thought it’s unavoidable. but rather the shirt flickers than green ugly edges

      allright, cool I’ll check it out then.

      either way, great job guys… says a random guy on the interwebs

    • Stonersbliss

      +Techquickie I do not care about green screen crap or w/e you could literally record this in a busy public restroom in the background. I came here for the info and you Linus are my favorite when it comes to tech. I’m a big fan and hope you’re around for years to come. best wishes man!

  • Patryk Michalik

    16 Billion Gigabites of RAM

    • XtremePlayz

      Mine has 1^2^4^8^16^32^64^128^256^512^1024^2048^4096^8192^1677216 * (pi^pi) * (pi^(e^e)*16777216) septillion nonillion decillion googolplexians of RAM, l1, l2, l3, and l4 cache

    • jsutin bibber

      +XtremePlayz mine has 1 bit of ram more than your at all times

    • XtremePlayz

      Mine has 2 times your bits

    • jsutin bibber

      +XtremePlayz cool

    • F r y i n g P a n 6 9

      Patryk Michalik gg

  • ButterSquids VLOGS

    “Bring on the 128 bit!” cracked me up faster than an iphone screen

    • xZaronGaming


  • Meh Meth

    I just wondering, how much super computer has a ram..

    • jsutin bibber

      Meh Meth sunway sw26010 5.1k tb of ram

    • J Bud

      your joking and there is no computer actually called METH,right.

    • Meh Meth

      +J Bud eh wot?

    • J Bud

      nothing sorry im stupid lol.

  • Jeffrey levouski

    All good, just slap a fish on it.

  • Beetrroot

    damn… 16 exabytes is a lot of ram

  • Alex G

    So you’re telling me I CANT install my 32bit software twice to get 64bits???

    • Dylan For Gaming

      Alex G No, that would be a 33 bit. Lol

  • EggheadDash

    Ok but why are you running KDE as root?

  • xCr00k3Dx

    And here I am, with a phone that has 6GB of RAM in it.

    • colm mockler

      xCr00k3Dx Xiaomi mi mix?

    • xCr00k3Dx

      colm mockler OnePlus 3

    • Survivalisbest unhackable

      probably 6GB of storage space, not RAM

    • xCr00k3Dx

      Survivalisbest unhackable No. It has 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.

  • Lelouch Yagami

    I downloaded 16 Billion Gb of RAM, thank God I have a 64bit processor. Now my PC is gonna be super fast.

  • Taken 5 Too many takes

    You are like a combination of the shamwow guy and doctor who season 4.

  • Ratan Bharadwaj

    i came here because i wanna play gta v and it needs 64bit os.

  • Cherry Bomba

    So 32 bit versions of games will run better on a 64 bit cpu??

  • Maiyagy Gery

    This is why i love Linus.
    Edit: Like Linus.

  • Andy Lee

    there was a voice crack, gota love that

  • Jerin JOLLY

    how many channels linus has?

  • José Angel Esparza

    i thought 64 could handle 8 GB