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China just tested a new hypersonic weapon

China just tested a new hypersonic weapon – and observers think it’s a clear warning to the US

A Chinese soldier is reflected on a window glass as he stands guardAndy Wong/AP

China’s highly-publicized test of a new hypersonic weapon reportedly able to carry conventional and nuclear payloads, as well as skirt existing missile defense systems, was a rallying cry for the Chinese amid competition with the US, observers suspect
At the same time, it may also be a warning, signaling China’s emergence as a serious competitor in the development of advanced weaponry

Strategic competition with the United States is pushing China to speed up the development of new hypersonic vehicles and driving its desire to showcase its achievements in the field, observers said.

The China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics on Monday announced that its experimental “waverider” Starry Sky-2 had completed its first test flight and that it was a “huge success.”

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