Any Chance Of An American Idol Reboot In 2018

American Idol


Any Chance Of An American Idol Reboot In 2018 Is Now Probably Gone Here’s Why

So much for this!

If you had been getting your hopes up the last couple months praying for the possibility of a reboot of the classic music competition show American Idol, well, get ready for a letdown…

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Even though NBC and FOX were both working hard to get it back on the air, the tug-of-war between the networks — and the co-owners of the show — have killed all potential deals, according to TMZ.

American Idol

Apparently, Fremantle and Core — the two production companies that own Idol — never put up a decent counter-offer to either network during show negotiations.

That all allegedly stems from Fremantle, which also own NBC‘s America’s Got Talent, pressuring Core into agreeing to accept the NBC offer over the FOX one.

The Core production execs, apparently concerned about the apparent conflict of interest Fremantle held in pushing one music competition onto a network they already had an existing relationship with, backed out of the deal when they felt Idol‘s value was being far too diminished during negotiations.

So there you have it — nitty gritty business talk or not, one thing is for certain: American Idol will NOT be coming back in 2018. Or, maybe ever.

Guess we’ll see if it ever makes a return!!

What do U think, Perezcious readers?! Would you have loved to have seen Idol on air again??

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