The Ultimate Gaming PC – Time Lapse Build $5800

The Ultimate Gaming PC

Galledex is the $6000 Video gaming COMPUTER Operating 2 GTX 1080’s in SLI.
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NZXT S340 instance:.
COMPUTER Components:.
Custom-made Sleeving:.
Mods: Backplate:.
I7-6950x -.
EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Owners Edition -.
Corsair Hydro Series H100i -.
Intel Single Load 400GB 750 Series Solid State Drive -.
Corsair AXi Collection, AX1200i, 1200 Watt -.
Samsung 850 512GB -.
Corsair AF120 Follower -.
Corsair AF140 Fan -.
Corsair SP120 Twin Load Follower -.
BitFenix Magnetic LED-Strip -.
White Carbon Fiber -.
PlastiKote 199 Hot Rod Environment-friendly -.
NZXT S340 Mid Tower Situation -.
Western Digital 4TB Disk drive -.
♦ Overall ₤ 4552 ♦.
I7-6950x -.
EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Creators Version -.
Corsair Hydro Series H100i -.
Intel Solitary Load 400GB 750 Series Solid State Drive -.
Corsair AXi Collection, AX1200i, 1200 Watt -.
Samsung 850 512GB -.
Corsair AF120 Follower -.
Corsair AF140 Fan -.
Corsair SP120 Twin Pack Follower -.
BitFenix Magnetic LED-Strip -.
White Carbon Fiber -.
PlastiKote 199 Hot Rod Eco-friendly -.
NZXT S340 Mid Tower Instance -.
Western Digital 4TB Hard disk -.The Ultimate Gaming PC

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  • toan haivl

    I have no money, I only dreamed of the good PC gaming

    • DarkLord572

      DeathSkull yeah. but Im thinking of changing everything tho. because this processor is getting old. and it’s DDR3 so I would be getting a new PC with liquid cooling plus a new i7 processor to avoid bottlenecks. It’s not actually great. It sucks

    • 7oneshgamer


    • Saku nasai

      +ChaosGaming217 nice lyier 🙂

    • KikiGames

      +ChaosGaming217 nice lies bro 4 fucking 1080s ?!

  • Zero 54

    Why not those multi million dollars computers? Those what the goverment has

    • Gare Stinky

      Min Roh posts something to the internet, the most widely used form of contact in the world, tells people who don’t like it to mind their *own business* sorry bud, but if you want something you say to be ignored, don’t post it on the internet. Duh.

    • Gare Stinky

      Min Roh you could have just watched the vid and left instead of giving everyone a disease by posting an unoriginal cancerous “joke”

  • Lelouch Yagami

    All that, and u go for a budget case….

    • Aksel Rande

      Pranav M Tech I really like your mac setup #sike

    • Pranav M

      Ahhh looking at the old setup from 6 months ago? I just switched to a triple monitor setup with a $2500 PC build. Due to make a video on it

    • An Awesome Guy

      Lelouch Yagami even though its a budget case, it still looks sexy af.

  • Francisca Natalie

    Gimme that

    • Gare Stinky

      Francis V that’ll be 6 grand

    • Don’t Read My Profile Picture

      Gare Stinky *5800

    • Gare Stinky

      K-Tech i rounded up stupid

    • Don’t Read My Profile Picture

      Gare Stinky clam down

  • Julz

    That thing can definitely run Crysis…..a financial crysis

    • Pewdiepie’s Future Comment Moderator



    • Julz

      +Roy Andersson 😀

    • asan masood

      Good one u got me there but what if I told u he gets his money from YouTube

    • McJota Plays

      asan masood no he gets money from sponsors not youtube

  • PeaceKeeperFIN

    And now we shall put the killer USB in 😀

    • McPovisLtu Productions

      Derpie056 then use 2 TITANS ,but overclock then

    • Derpie056

      McPovisLtu Productions I would get 2 XPs if I had the money and OC them to 2133MHz

    • McPovisLtu Productions

      Derpie056 overclock to 2.4 ghz

    • Derpie056

      McPovisLtu Productions The fan speeds would be very very high tho

    • McPovisLtu Productions

      Derpie056 but still xd

  • Meh Meth

    Never had pc gaming this video just make me envy to be honest, dear santa….

    • Killian Os

      and il wait for a 1080 ti and il get it on sli i play lot gta v and this game is made for nvidia not amd

    • Meh Meth

      Killian Os I’ll go laptop since I like traveling alot

    • Killian Os


    • Killian Os

      i dont really travel a lot and i kinda cant play on that laptop keyboard and the monitor isn t too big

    • Meh Meth

      +Killian Os i’ll bought some mech keyboard then..

  • Ahmad Wahelsa

    how to get cheap high end pc ez steps ! :
    1.goto future em all
    3.back to the past lol

    • Raidzor つ ◕_◕ つ

      Ahmad Wahelsa PROFIT

    • Wandi Ong

      Ahmad Wahelsa and you will be captured by time police

    • RMoD Uber

      Define “Future”, because we can say the future is X amount of time from now. But the future is only relevant to us right now.

    • Abd Alaziz Alwattar

      Rmod Let the man enjoy his life jeez ur boring

    • Tini Drone

      Instructions unclear time machine exploded killing millions

  • Hiếu Vũ

    who have watched this video more than 5 times ?

    • TheDennisShow

      Hiếu Vũ around 10 times now

    • YoosHD

      Hiếu Vũ myself

    • Moispitz99

      Me xD I love this video <3

    • the movie den

      almost 35 times

  • Slug Clutz

    this video makes me incredibly sad and extremely happy at the same time.

    any one else feel like this?


      Slug Clutz not really sad since my dad’s about to buy me a pc just as good as this one 😀

    • ElFo

      GAME ADDICT ur lucky i had to pay myself

    • Youtube User

      You’re lucky, I have no way of paying for it. So i have a pretty bad PC right now.

    • ElFo

      Youtube User i had to save up my birthday money for 4 years and work for my grandparents but eventually i got enough for a 950 dollar PC and was lucky and got a monitor for christmas

    • Snivy Android

      I got a decent Dell PC and a monitor for Christmas plus the keyboard, mouse, and headphone which I paid for myself.

  • Zavier syed

    Finally! Minesweeper at 400 fps!

    • Moon

      Zavier syed and solitaire

    • KikiGames

      +Moon no just no

    • KikiGames

      +Moon no i mean its just a bad joke

    • Moon

      +KikiGames oh that explains it but really who plays solitaire?

  • DanSciPlay Obzesation

    My target since I’m 12 : Being able to run GTA V at medium settings. (Now I’m 16) How many years should I wait!? T.T

    • DanSciPlay Obzesation

      Yeah but, it’s freaking expensive in my country, 400 dollar = rm1600

    • DanSciPlay Obzesation

      MCPovisLtu Productions thx for that bro

    • Saturn Graphics

      +DanSciPlay Obzesation where you live ,

    • DanSciPlay Obzesation

      Saturn Graphics Malaysia…

  • Martin Wojtczak

    *What is that kind of cover that he puts on his graphics card?*

    • Saturn Graphics


    • Martin Wojtczak

      +SΛTURN no

    • Don’t Read My Profile Picture

      Martin Wojtczak piss

    • Martin Wojtczak

      +K-Tech woot?

  • Gerfandor

    I can`t stop watching it over and over again since I saw that, first half year ago 😀

    • TheLegend27

      awesome picks of music

    • H4MST3R APB

      Songs Names Please ?!

    • ItzPixel

      read description

    • Very Funny

      Gerfandor yes that is overkill i can’t stop watching

  • Ashley Williams

    Not going to lie, but $6500 for a build like this is rediculous.
    Ive spent under $2500 and have bought myself a GTX 1080 FE, I7-5960X, Asus X99-E-WS, Corsair AX1500i, 16GB Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4, Corsair H110i GTX, Samsung 256GB and 512GB SM951s, Thermaltake Core X9, and for damn near half what this fools spent. Take note people, you dont need unlimited cash or sponsorship to build the ultimate pc, just patience, hard work and a job. And I stack shelves at a supermarket for a living.

    • Gigabyte gtx 1080 Xtreme Waterforce

      Ashley Williams Look at the price of the intel nvme ssd that’s why it’s so expensive

    • StarNate

      Ashley Williams My build was this
      Intel 4th Gen I5 4460
      Cooler master geminII M4 (Cooler)
      As rock micro atx DDR3 lga 1150 anniversary (not full name)
      8Gb of crucial ballistic sport ram DDR3
      Fractal Core 1500
      1TB WD Black
      256 SanDisk Ssd (Don’t know full name)
      Random tp link wifi card (Pcie)
      Evga 500B
      Evga GeForce gtx 1050ti 5th of Gddr5 (I think 5 gb)
      And I like it, minecraft at 60 fps isn’t bad

    • KikiGames

      I’m getting this build, tell me if i gotta improve:
      Coolermaster case
      MSI Mortar something.. motherboard
      Intel core i5-6700k
      16GB Ram Kingston (I like rendering videos and play with extra fps)
      256GB Crucial SSD
      2TB HDD
      Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070
      Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo
      Windows 10 Home

    • President Gamer

      KikiGames 6700K is i7

  • croatia ball

    i dont need it
    i dont need it
    i dont need it
    i dont need it
    i dont need it
    I FUCKING NEED IT!!!!!!!


      croatia ball XD

  • TheBaconGamingNetwork

    Watching this makes me realise, just how broke I really am. :/

    • TheBaconGamingNetwork

      Seriously though, not one but fucking 2 GTX 1080s in that thing!?

    • McPovisLtu Productions

      TheBaconGamingNetwork nah two TITAN XP’s are better

    • McJota Plays

      McPovisLtu Productions two gtx 1080 ti’s ftw

  • morotzoo

    he bought a pc for 5800$ and earned 3000$

    • L Frosty

      morotzoo will be more, around $5000 depending on which ads people watched/clicked on. He would’ve most likely sold the pc right after he made this video so for the whole video/project he’s made over $5000

  • #ChancierHades / /TheCrazyCH

    I will by a 6240$ PC I swear

    • #ChancierHades / /TheCrazyCH

      I will not buy a pimping PC, I will buy pimping parts for a pimping gaming case