$1000 iPhone 6S Case – Advent

Would certainly you invest $1000 on a Titanium made iPhone 6 case?
► Advent Instance:
► dbrand skins:

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  • Alberto

    hello +TechSource what is the black cover at the back of the phone comes with the case ?

    • Kostas Mariou

      I WANNA KNOW TOO !!!

    • Venoman

      +Aliman oh right

    • FoxyThePirateFox

      It called a Dbrand skin

    • Vitamin Cruz

      Bryan lozano search up Justin Maller Wallpapers on images

    • Mathias Jaikovski

      Vitamin Cruz

  • CrudeHen

    hmmm buy a pc 5 moniters and some games a tv and a xbox NAHHH!!! i’ll get a case

    • Raven

      +Sorhii it’s not a 500$ rx480 tho?

    • Sorhii

      +Raven fucking chill man i threw it together to prove a point not spoonfeed him a list “a pc 5 moniters and some games a tv and a xbox” dumbass

    • Sorhii

      +Raven i didnt even put 5 fucking monitors m8

  • Clement Young

    Total ripoff!!!! My 10 dollar one is hundred times better than this


      somone already said that

    • StatTrak Fedora

      It’s definitely not better. Your is probably rubber and this is titanium.

    • Jake shingletonuhdg

      good for you nobody cares

    • Frist Poison

      Pft, my 2 dollar case beats all you

    • Lfren38

      im totally sure that your 10$POS case is better than a case made out of AEROSPACE GRADE TITANIUM

  • PopcornKupal

    a $1000 case? NOPE…I would rather build a gaming pc worth of that price…

    • I was there the whole time

      just recently got 2k pc
      worth it

    • Kasham’s Channel

      PopcornKupal same

    • Kasham’s Channel

      Well actually I have One already

    • Creepper Army

      PopcornKupal same I’m stuck with a shity hp stream

    • Kirby Calitis

      This actually costs morethan twice my phone and pc, including peripherals, combined

  • Domestic_K9

    Does money literally excrete from your anus?

    • Elxctronicz


    • Salomi04

      HIGHSENBERG I’m Saudi but I’ll tell you one thing no matter how much money anyone has if they buy this they are too dumb

    • LiftOrGTFO

      I doubt he bought. It was probably the company that shipped it to him for free so he can advertise it to his 1+ million subscribers.

  • Ted W

    When a case costs more than the pc you’ve been saving up for for 5 months

    • SinGe Straif

      Ted Wh

    • Its Simplexity


  • AngelPlayZz ت

    i think you are a little bit dumb

    • Carsatan –

      How so? He likely didn’t even pay for it, more than likely, it was given to him

    • AngelPlayZz ت

      aaahhhh okay thanks

  • h3ll Fox

    y would u pay more for the case than the phone

    • CjGamer

      Hype Fox did you ducking watch the video? He clearly said it was for a small group of people (rich people)

  • Matthew Canale

    They should make a more affordable version, I love that design.

    • Campbell Metzgar

      Matthew Canale maybe out of a cheaper material

  • Lmclean89

    The case cost more than the phone… what’s the fucking point.

    • Gaming To The Next Level


  • D. S. P Gaming

    2:00,can someone send me the link to download the original wallpaper? plz..

  • LiferView

    What’s that wallpaper

  • CoolRex87

    Nope….nope, nope, nope, nope, nope!

  • Wanz Xlayer

    i hope linus review this case….

    case manufacturer….someone dumb enough will buy this…

    china: lets copy that and sell for $8….

  • Trevor Philips

    have fun sticking with that phone. I’d rather wait for iphone 8 and buy a cheap case lol

  • Me

    I would put the case inside my phone…

  • ThatOne youtubeguy

    or when you drop it you can buy another phone

  • proleon gamer


  • Drizzy

    2:27 That’s not an iPhone 6S is it? how is it all black? and how did your phone change colors… 2:48 O.o